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Empower Women
in STEM Fields
Women with no access to technology
are at distinct disadvantage in their
capacities to secure economic
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Bridging the Gap
in the Technology Industry
We envision a world where women
are represented in STEM

#The Future is Here

We create impact through action to build skills and confidence, setting women up for success.

Women in ICT Foundation

Women in ICT Foundation is a non-profit organization with the focus of providing technology education for women and young girls and fighting for gender equality in all walks of life.

Our primary aim is to inspire, enable and support all women & girls using ICT to give them a way for realizing their dreams, overcoming problems and exploring their potential for success.

#Technology Education, #Inclusion & Diversity, #Climate Change, #Ending Poverty #Gender Equality

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What Drives Us

“What men can do, women can do better, more perfectly and productive. Women can be as good as men in using, developing and improving technology”

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Our Focus Areas

Potential barrier for those wishing to enter the STEM workforce is the generally higher level of educational attainment required for such positions. Among college-educated …

We’re elevating our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity. We recognize the intentional, thoughtful work it requires to ensure sustainable outcomes.

Long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth’s local, regional and global climates with a broad range of observed effects

An emerging field in the intersection of medical informatics, public health and business, referring to health services and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet technologies

We employ technological solutions to Improve Complex Water Infrastructure & improve the availability of clean water and sanitation in Africa’s poorest urban neighborhoods.

Poverty has been cited as one of the main reasons why millions of people do not get access to the rights they are entitled to. We ensure the Right to Survival, & Development

Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a girl child is able to go to school today, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. This transforms their life &

Gender inequality has been a social issue in Africa for centuries. Our organization ensures that the social process by which men and women are treated should be equals.


At Women in ICT Foundation we’re proud of our culture of collaboration, commitment to service and professional expertise.
Our team includes local and international associates, volunteers & academia

Dr. Chinwe Anyachebelu
Sylvia N. Clement
V. President
Sireesha Dandu
Chair, Advisory Board
Ejike Edwin
Chief Technology Officer


Equal to those who cited confidence and visibility, 25% of women said they struggled mainly with career development and progression. The tech industry has changed its attitude towards female workers, with more opportunities to help women enter and progress in the tech industry.
Visibility for women & girls in the tech sector is still low, especially when it comes to senior roles. One of the most effective skills of leadership, even if you’re not a leader, is having the ability to influence others.
* Attached video shows the challenges women face in the choice of career.
* World Maps Shows poor participation of Women in STEM




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