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Developing Inquisitive Minds

Women and young girls are making inroads in the ICT industry but progress is slow.  We need to catch them young right from the learning environment in order to fix under-representation and gender imbalance.

The difficulty to attract and retain female students in ICT, both in Nigeria and overseas, has been well recognized.

The already low number of female students studying ICT in secondary school tends to decrease further at tertiary level. This situation has often been attributed to gender differences in interests, motivation, experience, personality characteristics, abilities, self efficacy, and socialization.

Why the focus on girls and women?

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Too many women and girls are missing out on the essentials skills that could serve them well in the future economy.

The ICT sector is doing well, regardless of this gender imbalance. Technology is one of the primary drivers of the modern economy and a sector where productivity is rapidly increasing.

Catch them Young

Perhaps the most significant benefit of information and communication technology has been the creation of new and exciting jobs & assist in the emergence of early literacy and mathematical thinking


Level the playing gound for person with special learning needs. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education promotes student engagement and knowledge retention

Bridging the cultural divide

Increased access to tech has aided in bridging the cultural divide by allowing individuals of other cultures to communicate with one another and exchange views and ideas


Many curriculums are now supporting the integration of ICT across the education sector from early childhood to tertiary.

Increase in confidence

ICT can be helpful and interesting if used in the right place and right way. People tend to have uncanny knack of learning to master new technology.

Breaking Barriers

We foster understanding, international cooperation and friendship among women & girls, irrespective of race, nationality, religion, or political opinions;

Capturing girls’ interest

Increase in world knowledge and Social skills

Women and young girls have to appreciate that modern technology is around to stay so be able to use the sense of investigation and exploration to develop their skills of observing. They should also appreciate that ICT resources speed different jobs and they are needed in home and environment.