Kadiri, Ugbede-Ojo D.

Founder / Chief Operating officer


Kadiri, Ugbede-Ojo Dominic is the founder and CEO of Kadnetworks Limited; an Information, Networks and Communication Technology Company founded in 2012. Kadnetworks operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolios. 

Additionally, Kadiri is the founder of Women in ICT Foundation; a non-profit organization that focuses on providing technology education for women, young girls and to rectify the under representation of women in the technology industry, STEM Profession and in the Workplace


As a Cyber Security evangelist, Ugbede-Ojo provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment. His current focus areas include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, FinTech, Micro-Medium-Small Enterprises Development, Women’s Right, e-Health, e-Governance, Cyber Security and Technology Innovation Pathfinder.


Kadiri holds B.A Philosophy, Post-Graduate Degree and Professional Courses. Apart from formal Programs, he has undergone short-duration Programs in humanities and in the technology sector.

He has participated in several programs, conferences, consultations and workshops in the areas of interest. He has been a regular speaker at various seminars.

Kadiri is currently a Cyber Security consultant at the Global Distance Learning Institutes, Abuja for the Nigerian-German Center for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration.