Shèro Magazine

Celebrating Women Leaders

Shero /ˈʃɪərəʊ/

A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a heroine.
Shèro Magazine is a quaterly publications of Women in ICT Foundation.
Writers’ Guidelines

Editorial Policies, Procedures & Author Guidelines

Shèro Magazine has been the most comprehensive source of information on women leadership, businesses, technology, people, places, politics, entertainment, culture, and history of Women world over. Shèro Magazine Supports the meaningful exchange of information to help create an environment that fosters the continuation of knowledge, thought leadership and a free exchange of ideas. We also accept well-written, high-quality articles on subjects of interest.


Authors do not receive compensation for published articles — they receive byline credit and two complimentary copies of the issue.

Prose Guidelines

We accept works up to 5pages (in MS word, font size 12”, font style ‘Times New Roman’). We do not accept science fiction, erotica, horror, romance, or children's stories.


Shèro Magazine copyrights all original editorial content that is published in its media channels. There are no exceptions.

Shèro Magazine Disributions

The magazine’s circulation is more than 5.2million

The magazine’s circulation is more than 5.2million, 65 percent of which is in African states.

How our Magazines are distributed:

#1. Complimentary Copies to:
African Head of States, Governors and Other Arms of Government

#2. Consulates, Embassies & High Commissions in Africa

#3. African Embassies & High Commissions abroad

#4. University libraries, National libraries & Museum

#5. We distribute our magazine to all African countries.

#6. Our Magazine circulates beyond the African continents.