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#The Future is Here

We Empower Women through Lifelong STEM Education

Our STEM Education for women & young girls, at its core, simply means providing technology education in four specific disciplines, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (collectively shortened as STEM). Instead of training training them in any one of these domains, STEM combines all four in an interdisciplinary and applied approach, so as to better equip them to have a career and considering real-world applications.


Providing Health Services Through The Use Of information technology

e-health is an emerging field in the intersection of medical informatics, public health and business enhanced through Information technologies.

We provides daily knowledge of health status without the need for a clinician or caregiver to be present, thus eliminating gaps in client monitoring and enhancing the ability to identify new trends. Prevents unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits. Encourages adherence to the prescribed care plan. Improves ability to stay independent and in the home.

We're also Known for

Inclusion and Diversity

We’re elevating our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity. We recognize the intentional, thoughtful work it requires to ensure sustainable outcomes.

Literacy & General Education

Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a girl child is able to go to school today, she sets off a cycle of positive change. In this we transforms life

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has been a social issue in Africa for centuries. Our organization ensures that the social process by which men and women are treated should be equals.


Other of our Interest and Areas of Focus Includes: