Why Women in ICT?
#The Future is Here

Women’s full and equal access to ICT-based economic and educational activities support women’s contribution in business and home-based activities and help them to become more empowered. By accessing information, women can enrich and enhance their quality of life.

Women’s digital inclusion is key to sustainable economic growth

Without the presence of women in the field of STEM, innovation will be limited and exclude half of the population. We need more women in STEM to further innovation and better represent the needs of society.

We hope to provide more women with the opportunities to learn in-demand skills in STEM fields; an essential tool for surviving in the 21st century.

ICT matters for gender equality

Beyond diversity, women are important to the future of innovation. As the world evolves, we still find that many of these inventions are catered to and designed for men, which ultimately leaves a significant portion of society’s needs out of consideration. This is where the role of women comes in – they play an important one in ensuring that the needs of all in society are represented.

Opportunity for Sustainable Development

Internet is a great enabler, creating unprecedented opportunities for female entrepreneurs to enter global markets. By boosting skilling, equipping women with digital devices and providing training helps women and young girls make the most of these tools as it provides opportunities to boost small business growth regardless of size, location or sector, to compete on an equal footing in global markets