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Programs & Activities

Despite significant contributions that women have made to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), women still lag behind men globally in terms of their representation and participation in these male-dominated fields.
In Africa, from a young age, girls are still stereotypically perceived to be more inclined to less technical subjects to fulfill more traditional roles even after the completion of a university degree. Around the world, girls grow up thinking they are not that good in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics despite studies that show that girls and boys perform similarly in these subjects.
We realized that girls need stronger, positive STEM role model to increase their participation in STEM studies. We are working to promote lifelong education, to improve the status of women and girls and to enable women to effect positive change for a sustainable world.

Our Programs is Outline Below:

  • STEM and Leadership Fellows
  • Bootcamp / Coding School
  • Men Circles ( STEM programs for Men)
  • STEM Education for Teachers ( Primary, Secondary / Teritiary Instutioons)
  • Campus Connect ( Supporting Women in Tech at the College Level)
  • Scholarship (for highly deserving girls in STEM profession).
  • Summer Programs
  • Empowerment Programs
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Training

Others Includes:

  • Education
  • Enviroment and Climate Change
  • Food Security
  • Gender Equality
  • Health
  • Livelihoods
  • Social Accountability
  • Water Hygiene and Sanitation

Inclusion and Diversity

Our progress in maintaining the highest standards of care is reflected in our programs and activities

We value, encourage and appreciate the rich variety of experience, thought and perspective that come from a diverse and inclusive member of our community. We welcome all those who share our vision for a fair and equitable society, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and benefit in Nigeria’s growing digital economy. Women in ICT represents members of all ages, cultural and religious backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation and those with disability.

We are committed to:

  • Developing a strong and sustainable network for members and supporters with industry
  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with government, academia and industry
  • Advocating for our members on relevant issues to advance the presence and status of women in technology and life sciences
  • Providing development opportunities and adding value to our members
  • To further the development of education for women;
  • To improve the status of women and children;
  • To protect human rights;
  • To promote peace.

To achieve this we:

  • Encourage and support members to undertake higher education or further studies;
  • Foster understanding, international cooperation and friendship among women & girls, irrespective of race. Nationality, religion, or political opinions;
  • Undertake advocacy and consultancies for the solution of problems in areas of public life and participate in decision –making at local, national and international levels;
  • Sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, research, projects and training programmes.